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This will help get folks back to the instructions for using the layout files.

Baseball Game Screen Layout File How To

Basic Instructions

  • The layout files provided in this blog may be used in the Strat-O-Matic computer baseball game.
  • Each post will show an image of the screen and a link to the layout file associated with that screen.
  • Depending on the browser being used either click on the link to open the file directly or right click and save the file.
  • The screen resolution that works best with the layout file is usually provided in the name of the file.
  • For example: MyLayout_1400X900.lyt means this layout works best when screen resolution is set to 1400 X 900 pixels.
  • Put the file (either by saving directly or copying into a text editor like “Notepad” and savign saving) in Data folder inside the baseball game folder.
  • For example either in c:\cdrombb\data or c:strat-o-matic baseball\data
  • Files necessary to support the layout to change the default backgrounds or images will be posted with the picture.

Additional Instructions

Custom Backgrounds

  • The background images used in some of these layouts are different from those provided by the game company.
  • This link opens a folder that contains some of the custom background files used on some of these screens.
  • These files replace the corresponding files in the “Data” folder located within the game folder.
  • Custom Backgrounds

Quick Hit

How to Restore Original Game Layout

  • Click on this image to see how to return the game to the original Automatic Layout